40. Australia: Twentieth Century Architecture, &c


Conrad Sayce

Robin Boyd

Harry Seidler

See Art and Design,1 [1949], above.


Interior design and Decoration

Buildings and Building Types

(p) The National Bank of Australia Limited. Official Opening of the New Head Office Building 271-279 Collins Street, Melbourne. 27th October 1927. Sir John Grice in the Chair. Melbourne 1927. Includes an address by the architect, Anketell Henderson, with an architectural poem composed by a friend, and an address by Sir John Grice, a great supporter of architecture.

Souvenir ... Royal Exchange Assurance ... Sydney. Sydney 1937.

W A Ebsworth. St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne 1839-1939. Melbourne 1939.

(f) J D Morris. Report of the Royal Commission on the Hobart Gaol. Hobart 1943.

J H Cumpston & C M Heinig. Pre-School Centres in Australia. Canberra 1944.

The Art Gallery Story: the Benalla Regional Art Gallery. No place or date [Benalla 1975].

Parliament House Canberra [conditions of competition &c]. Canberra 1973. This consists of a blue box containing the conditions themselves in two volumes, the red-covered report of 1974 on siting &c, three folded drawings, an ærial photo, a map, 23 slides, undertaking and declaration, and a receipt for the $50 entry fee.

Edmond & Corrigan et al. State Library and Museum of Victoria: a Report on the Commissioned Proposal. [Melbourne] 1976.

Ancher Mortlock Murray & Woolley Pty Ltd. University of Melbourne Master Plan Report 1970. University of Melbourne, Melbourne 1971.

University of Melbourne Draft Master Plan Report 1981. University of Melbourne, Melbourne 1981.

Museum of Victoria at Carlton: Architectural Preliminary Brief. Melbourne 1994.

Houses and Housing

Commonwealth War and Post-War Housing

RVIA Age Small Homes Service

[Letters B to J have been assigned to the leaflets to assist in indexing them. Not all the dates given for the designs appear to be accurate].


The design number is followed in square brackets by the leaflet, if any, in which it appears, designated by letter B to J, then a Gdf number, which is the figure number as illustrated in Philip Goad, 'The Small Homes Service of the R.V.I.A.' (BArch research report, Melbourne University 1984) the name of the architect, date as recorded by Goad, and then any special note on the design. The dates recorded by Goad are not always the original ones, as they sometimes post-date the leaflet in which the design appears. The letter K refers to as leaflet which is not in my collection but at the Museum of Victoria: Royal Victorian Institute of Architects, Small Homes Service. Holiday Homes. Plan Folder 30.  Melbourne, no date [1960s]. https://collections.museumvictoria.com.au/items/2095627

SOLID BRICK B25 [B: Gdf 9: Best Overend 3.12.47]; B28 [B: J F D Scarborough 4.8.48]; B32 [Gdf 21: Robin Boyd 11.3.52].

TIMBER T11 [B: S P Calder 3.9.47]; T13 [D: R W Hodgson 6.7.49]; T14 [B: Gdf 38: Robin Boyd 24.12.47]; T17 [D: R W Hodgson 20.7.49]; T18 [F,G,K: Gdf 18, 39: Robin Boyd 11.12.48]; T19 [D,E: F T N Jessup 17.5.50]; T22 [B: Gdf 12: R W Hodgson 10.10.47]; T23 [B: George Mitchell 20.8.47]; T24 [B: R W Hodgson 23.7.47]; T25 [B: K Pethebridge 20.8.47]; T27 [B: A Hunt 6.8.47]; T34 [B: Frank Bell 30.7.47]; T36 [B: R A Spence]; T37 [B: J W Rivett 17.3.48]; T40 [K: Gdf 26 Peter McIntyre 28.3.55 curved timber trusses]; T43 [K] T110 [C,K]; T113 [F,K: J R Tovey 18.7.50]; T114 [K: Gdf 41: Neil Clerehan 26.12.50]; T115 [K]; T117 [C,K: Gdf 43: Horace Tribe 26.12.51]; T120 [E: Gdf 44: S C G McConnel 1953]; T121 [G,K: Gdf 47: Neil Clerehan 1955]; T121 [G: Neil Clerehan 26.9.55] T122 [F: Gdf 42: Neil Clerehan 24.2.56] T124 [H] T126 [H] T210 [B] T211 [B: R W Hodgson 8.10.47] T212 [B: Gdf 17: R W Hodgson 29.10.47] T213 [B: Gdf 17: S P Calder 7.1.48] T214 [B: Robin Boyd 18.2.48] T215 [B]; T216 [Gdf 36: J W Rivett 17.8.47]; T217 [C: S P Calder 29.11.48]; T225 [D: Mockridge, Stahle & Mitchell 31.11.48]; T226 [Gdf 29: Neil Clerehan 24.11.48]; T230 [Gdf 11: S C G McConnel 9.2.49]; T234 [D: Robin Boyd 11.5.49] T236 [D: R W Hodgson 22.6.49] T238 [D: Neil Clerehan 27.4.49] T240 [C: Kevin Pethebridge 20.4.49]; T242 [D: Peter Newell 18.5.49]; T244 [D: Robin Boyd 15.6.49]; T248 [D: Gdf 18: Neil Clerehan 13.7.49]; T249 [D: Robin Boyd 17.8.48] T250 [D: H Lowenstein 10.8.49] T251 [D: M Stott 27.7.49] T255 [D: R D Jones 31.8.49]; T256 [D: Robin Boyd 7.9.49]; T258 [C]; T259 [Gdf 17: S P Calder 19.10.49]; T262 [C: Gdf 40: Robin Boyd 21.12.49]; T264 [Gdf 29: R F McDonald 15.3.50]; T268 [C: Robin Boyd 31.5.50]; T274 [H] T278 [G: ? 7.11.50] T279 [G: Neil Clerehan 31.10.50] T280 [Gdf 12: Neil Clerehan 14.11.50] T281 [C]; T288 [C]; T292 [C: Gdf 15 Neil Clerehan: 18.3.51]; T294 [C: Gdf 15: ? 11.12.51]; T295 [C: ? 12.6.51;] T310 [D: Gdf 10: Robin Boyd 15.12.48] T312 [D: C S Dainton 7.6.49] T314 [D: C S Dainton 3.8.49] T315 [D: R A Spence 7.9.49]; T316 [G: R W Hodgson]; T317 [C]; T318 [C]; T325 [C]; T329 [C]; T329 [C]; T336 [E: ? 2.3.53]; T338 [G: Neil Clerehan 27.4.53]; T343 [Gdf 56 Peter McIntyre]; T345 [E: Gdf 14 L Bawden]; T346 [E: 26.4.54 1953 compt entry] T347 [E, G: Gdf 15: 1.3.54 1953 compt entry] T348 [E: Parry & Paxton 2.11.53] T349 [E: 15.3.54 1953 compt entry]; T357 [G: Gdf 13 Montgomery, King & Trengrove 6.6.55]; T358 [G: Neil Clerehan 18.7.55]; T360 [G: Neil Clerehan 29.8.65 T361 [G: Neil Clerehan 17.10.55] T367 [Gdf 22] T370 [F: Gdf 22 Bernard Joyce 15.7.57] T372 [Gdf 18, 29: Neil Clerehan 5.8.57] T373 [F: Gdf 14: R J Bonaldi 23.12.57] T374 [F: Neil Clerehan 27.1.58] T375 [F: Neil Clerehan 27.1.58]; T376 [F: Neil Clerehan 31.4.58]; T377 [F: Neil Clerehan 26.5.58]; T378 [F: Neil Clerehan 21.7.58] T379 [F: Richards & Brayne 23.6.58] T380 [Gdf 11: ? 18.8.58] T381 [Gdf 11: ? 1.9.58] T382 [K] T383 [Gdf 16: 8.9.58] T384 [Gdf 50: Neil Clerehan 13.10.58]; T389 [K: Gdf 16: Neil Clerehan 1.6.59] T391 [K] T393 [Gdf 31 Neil Clerehan 13.7.59] T394 [Gdf 31: ? 27.7.59] T731 [F] T2100 [C: Gdf 29 Robin Boyd 18.9.51] T2101 [C: Gdf 24, 29: Kevin Borland 5.2.52 'Fly-Away Roof']; T2103 [Gdf 51: Robin Boyd 25.10.51 Sunshine House]; T2105 [C]; T2106 [C]; T2107 [C]; T2108 [C: Gdf 22: Robin Boyd 19.2.52]; T2109 [C: Gdf 33: Robin Boyd 26.2.52]; T2122 [E: ? 22.2.54 competition entry 1953] T2123 [E: competition entry 1953] T2124 [E: Gdf 50: Neil Clerehan 5.4.54] T2125 [E: Gdf 12, 54: R D Jones 8.3.54] T2126 [Gdf 16, 53: Montgomery, King & Trengrove 28.9.53]; T2128 [Gdf 25, 57: Kevin Borland 19.10.53, 1953 compt entry]; T2129 [E: ? 16.9.56, 1953 compt entry] T2130 [Gdf 52: K G Hardcastle: 5.10.53] T2131 [E: 18.1.54 ?, 1953 compt entry T2133 [E: L G Bawden 16.11.53]; T134 [E]; T2137 [E: Robin Boyd 14.12.53]; T2138 [Gdf 45 John & Phyllis Murphy 4.1.54]; T2141 [E: ? 22.3.54, 1953 compt entry]; T2143 [G: Gdf 30 Neil Clerehan 21.11.55 Fibrolite House]; T2147 [Gdf 46: Neil Clerehan 27.12.54]; T2148 [F: Neil Clerehan 14.3.55]; T2150 [G: ? 4.7.55]; T2151 [G: Neil Clerehan 25.7.55]; T2152 [E, G: ? 18.8.54]; T2153 [G: Neil Clerehan 19.5.55]; T2154 [G: ? 14.11.55]; T2155 [F: Neil Clerehan 5.3.56]; T2156 [F: Neil Clerehan 26.3.56]; T2157 [Gdf 14: Neil Clerehan 14.5.56]; T2158 [F: Neil Clerehan 6.8.56]; T2159 [F: Gdf 10 Mockridge, Stahle & Mitchell 27.8.56]; T2161 [F: Neil Clerehan 17.12.56];T2162 [F: Neil Clerehan 14.1.57]; T2163 [F:? 2.12.57]; T2164 [F,K: Neil Clerehan 21.4.48]; T2165 [F: Neil Clerehan 28.4.58]; T2167 [H,K: G Campbell 24.10.60]; T2168 [H];T2186 [H]; T3100 [H,K: Neil Clerehan 23.5.60]; T3102 [H,K: G Campbell 10.10.60]; T3108 [K]; T3109 [H,K]; T3110 [H,K]; T3117 [H]; T3138 [H]; T3140 [H]; T3141 [H]; T3145 [H]; T3149 [H]; T3170 [H]; T3174 [H]; TV46 [H].

BRICK VENEER V1 [B]; V22 [B]; V23 [B]; V27 [B]; V31 [B]; V32 [B]; V33 [B]; V34 [B]; V38 [B]; V39 [B: J W Rivett 7.7.48]; V42 [B]; V46 [H]; V210 [B, E: Gdf 21: Robin Boyd 22.11.47 'Solar House']; V211 [B, E: R W Hogson 31.12.47]; V212 [B: R Bath 10.9.47]; V215 [B,G: J W Rivett.17.8.47]; V217 [B: J W Rivett 25.2.48]; V220 [Gdf 9: R S Demaine 10.3.48]; V229 [G: R W Hodgson 2.2.49]; V231 [B: R W Hodgson 19.1.49]; V232 [Gdf 10: Neil Clerehan 30.3.49]; V233 [C: Neil Clerehan 16.2.49]; V234 [D: Mockridge Stahle & Mitchell 2.3.49]; 239 [D: R W Hodgson 29.6.49]; V240 [D: R W Hodgson 24.8.49]; V241 [C,D,G: Robin Boyd 6.4.49]; V242[E]; V247 [G: C S Dainton 7.1.50]; V250 [G: ? 10.10.50]; V251 [G: ? 4.12.51]; V253 [C: ? 24.5.51]; V254 [C: ? 9.10.57]; V256 [Gdf 55: Slawik & Joyce / Bernard Joyce 26.10.53]; V257 [E]; V258 [E: ? 7.12.53 competition entry 1953]; V265 [G: ? 11.7.55]; V271 [Gdf 31: Neil Clerehan 16.12.57: Victor Plasterboard Insulwool House]; V280 [H]; V311 [B: George Mitchell 21.1.48]; V312 [B: George Mitchell 21.1.48]; V314 [G: R A Spence]; V327 [E: R Hocking 26.6.61]; V328 [E: ? : competition entry 1953]; V335 [Gdf 13: ? 15.4.47]; V346 [E]; V359 [Gdf 9: Neil Clerehan 5.12.60]; V372 [K]; V379 [I]; V386 [I]; V410 [J]; V415 [J]; V427 [J]; V430 [J]; V433 [J]; V435 [J]; V437 [J]; V438 [J]; V440 [J]; V441 [J]; V443 [J]; V444 [J]; V445 [J]; V447 [J]; V451 [J]; V452 [J]; V472 [J]; V474 [J]; V3111 [I]; V3116 [I]; V3138 [I]; V3140 [I]; V3142 [I]; V3145 [I]; V3147 [I]; V3149 [I]; V3161 [I]; V3163 [I]; V3177 [I]; V3181 [I]; V3189 [I]; V3193 [I]; V3194 [I]; V3195 [I]; V3199 [I],

House designs and Examples


Merchant Builders

Should we Build Now?

The Thinking Man's House.

Site Inspection Service (2 editions) and Merchant Builders Free Site Inspection Service (2 copies).

Kit Homes by Merchant Builders [substantial brochure].

The Terrace House by Merchant Builders [architect, Graeme Gunn]

Merchant Builders Pty. Ltd. / Terrace House - T.2 [price sheet] 1971.

Architects / Landscape Architect [brief notes on Charles Duncan, Graeme Gunn, Daryl Jackson & Evan Walker, McGlashan & Everist, Ellis Stones].

Three sheets of plans by Graeme Gunn:

Brochure and sheets on brown paper:

Glenferrie Road Townhouses. 416 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong, Victoria.

Merchant Builders Brighton Project Stage 2.

Sorrett Drive, Malvern, Price List [two copies].

Merchant Builders have moved their display centre to High Street Doncaster / Elliston Merchant Builders Display Centre Rosanna [location maps].


Houses by Merchant Builders. Elliston [Jackson & Walker plan 'JC2' McGlashan & Everist plan 'ME2', Charles Duncan plan 'DE'] 1971.

Four sheets of plans:

Houses by Merchant Builders [houses on display at Winter Park: Courtyard C1; Terrace TS2; Two Storey TS3; Studio S1; Cellar CH2] 1971.

Merchant Builders Winter Park 'Cluster Housing' [site plan & price list] 1971.

"Winter Park", 17 Timber Ridge Doncaster [auction notice for a four bedroom house, Saturday 3 July - from the perpetual calendar the only such dates in the period 1970-1980 were in 1971 and 1976].

Merchant Builders Price List / Effective 14th May 1976 [two copies].

Merchant Builders Kit Houses [single sheet price list] 1978.

Houses by Merchant Builders [substantial brochure, after 1978].

Public Housing and Slums

Note RVIA Journal, above, for Barrett on housing and slum abolition.

The War Memorials

The Sydney Opera House

See also:

(sec 20) Robertson, Architectural Composition [Marcus Martin's copy] (sec 27) Middleton, Modern Buildings (for the extensive Australian section by Robert Haddon) (sec 36) Hudson, Cottage Homes Hudson, "Ready-Cut" Homes (sec 41) Boyd, Australia's Home

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