19. specifications and quantities

Laxton's Price Book

Spon's Pocket-Book

See also:

(sec 5) Treatise on Architecture 4. [incl] Estimating and Calculating Quantities I C S Reference Library: 44. Specifications, Quantities &c (sec 6) I C S, Elements of Stone & Brick Masonry (including Specifications & Agreements) (sec 27) Yorke, Specification 1950 (sec 31) Mayes, Australian Builders' Price Book, 1862 (sec 34) N.S.W. Railway Bridges, Report (sec 39) Jeffries, Australian Building Estimator Mayes, Australian Builders & Contractors Price Book, 1908, 1914, 1927 Mayes, Australian Architects, Builders, &c. Price Book, 1951

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