16. metals


Jacob Hilgers & Trägerwellblech ephemera

My understanding is that this material is from a government file, and the companies are submitting proposals and prices to officials including the 'Royal Building Master'.  Hein Lehmann were the inventors and/or patentees of the new deep profile heavy gauge Trägerwellblech corrugated iron. Trägerwellblech was manufactured by Jacob Hilgers, presumably as agent for Hein Lehmann or under a licence from them. Hein Lehmann were submitting prices for the proposed prison at Cassel. In a letter of 1878 Hein Lehmann proposed for the first time the use of curved Trägerwellblech carrying a concrete floor above: the use of corrugated iron in this way goes back to 1848 in Britain, but the new idea was to do the same thing with Trägerwellblech iron. This proposal at Cassell did not proceed, but the new system came into use in Germsany, and by the 1880s itwas widespread in eastern Austrlia.

(A) Jacob Hilgers galvanised iron, zinc &c:

(B) Trägerwellblech: