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Miles Lewis & Terry Sawyer, assisted by

Elizabeth Brophy, Sue Davies, Janet Etty-Leal, Anne Glover, Kerryn Ireland, Lyn Macdonald, Jock Murphy, Anne Neale, Geraldine Peel-Baker, Rosemary Perrin, Richard Serle, Lorraine Sheppard, Peter Shields, Janet Taylor, Michael Tilley, Peter Vereker

Originally prepared in 1976-86 with funding from the National Estate Program, the University of Melbourne, and the Australian Research Council. Digitised in 2008-9 under a grant from the Vera Moore Foundation. City of Port Phillip building permit applications (St Kilda and Port Melbourne 1898-1950) digitised and added under a further grant from the Vera Moore Foundation. 2010-2013. Winston Burchett index, of the City of Melbourne notices of intent to build (1850-1916), digitised independently by the Hotham History Project and lodged with the index, 2013.

The assistance of Neil Clerehan, Pham Ho, Guy Murphy and David Thompson (Liana T Pty Ltd) is gratefully acknowledged

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