29. Exihibitions

London. Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations, 1851.

Dublin. Exhibition of Art-Industry 1853.

New York Exhibition, 1853-4.

Paris. Exposition Universelle 1855

London. International Exhibition 1862.

Paris. Universal Exhibition 1867.

Sydney Exhibition, 1870.

Sydney Exhibition, 1876.

Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition, 1876.

Paris. Universal Exhibition 1878.

See also Norton, sv Philadelphia.

Sydney International Exhibition, 1879.

Lyons Exhibitiom 1894.

Centennial Exhibition. Adelaide 1936.

Century of Progress, Chicago 1933.

New York World's Fair 1939.

see also:

(sec 1) Illustrated Exhibitor, 1851 (sec 30) Thomson, Illustrated Handbook of Victoria (Colonial and Indian Exhibition, London 1886 (sec 32) Tasmanian International Exhibition, 1894-5. Tasmanian Timbers.

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