14. services


Water Supply

Plumbing & Sanitation

Plumbing Fixtures

Drainage & Sewerage


Electricity, Bells, Telephony

Lightning conductors


See also supra: Sutcliffe, Modern Plumber, 1907.

See also:

(sec 5) Treatise on Architecture 3. [incl] Electric-Light Wiring, Bellwork Treatise on Architecture 4. [incl] Plumbing and Gas-Fitting I C S Reference Library 42. Plumbing Materials (sec 13) Eassie, Healthy Houses Kent, Mechanical Engineer's Pocket Book Allbut, Public Electricity Supply in Australia Henry, Water Supply and Sewerage of Sydney Wills, Australian House Drainage Practice Smith, The Bacteriolytic Tank System Bruce & Kendall, Sanitary Inspector's Text Book Pneumatic Drainage

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