8. Bricks and Tiles


bound with:


* (p) Frederick Tyerman, Tyerman's Patent Hoop-Iron Bond for Building Purposes [leaflet with re printed reviews and a simulated ms letter of 1855 from Tyerman], no publication details.


see also:

(sec 1) Tuileries Brochures (sec 5) I C S. Reference Library40. Brickwork I C S. Reference Library73. Roofing (sec 6) I C S. Elements of Stone and Brick Masonry Bennett & Pinion, Roof Slating and Tiling Graham, Audels Masons and Builders Guide (sec 13) Tredgold, Warming and Ventilating, for an early form of heated cavity wall. (sec 14) Doulton, Drainage and Sewerage Appliances (sec 18) Lloyd, Craftsmanship in Brick and Tile (sec 25) Brooks, Designs for Cottage and Villa Architecture, for one of the earliest descriptions of effective brick cavity walling.

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